here's a screenshot). Every time I needed a change done it cost me more money. Several years ago I started doing it myself - but with an old software program, Microsoft Frontpage 2002. 

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Recently I finally started doing websites (this blog is an example) using I must say it's a CMS ("content management system") dream come true. I'll be porting TA's existing site over during the next several months. 

 For every other business owner though that's cheap (like me) I have to share these tips. If your own web site is still awful (or non-existent) it's not for lack of cheap, easy web-based software tools that you can do yourself.

1. Website Builder -  Get the "pro" edition so you can build countless sites almost instantly. I can put a site together for a friend (like I did this weekend at in less than 30 minutes. This is a "blog" type web package which allows you to regularly put new "stories" or posts up on a regular basis (whicdh ensures your customers & prospects will return often). Other services we tried but didn't like as much include & 

2.  URL Hosting (emails, etc.) - Get URLs ( for about $10 and then get them "domain mapped" to your TypePad website all in about 30 minutes. Domain mapping means the website has your custom URL instead of

3. Favicon Maker - What's a "favicon"? It's the little square picture or icon that's on the browser tab when someone has your web page open. This site takes your photo (crop it first to a perfect square) and then gives you the .ICO file that you then upload into the "root directory" of your website.

4. SnagIt - The best $50 you'll ever spend. Your site needs cool images. This software makes it easy to take the ones you need from your carriers and put them on your site.

5. Camtasia - Sure, it's $300 but nothing comes close to this full set of tools that helps you put video on your website.

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6. ScreenCast - Where and how to host your video. DON"T put hosted video on your site if you sell to businesses because half the businesses in the US block hosted video at work.

7. FlipVideo - The VERY easiest way to capture video and then get it onto your website.

8. Bronto - Pricey B2B e-blasting service at just under $500 per month but it's the best - that's why we use it. I've heard others are fairly happy with AWeber & Constant Contact.

9. Kutenda - This service, for around $150 a month or so, combines web sites, blogging, search engine marketings, email capture & email marketing. I've seen a demo and really think it's cool. It takes a while to get set up for yourself though. When I get some time I'm going to really dig in and try it because it seems like the perfect combination of everything I know I need at a really low price.  If you really like doing things yourself but from an organic, "Unix-like" environment (where you "own your own code" and can host where ever you like) WordPress seems to be the solution. It can be pretty tricky to set up though.

10. Atomic8Ball - If you want everything you see here, website, search engine marketing, updates, email newsletters, etc. - but you want someone else to do it - at a very low, flat monthly rate, Atomic8Ball is the company to go with. I know the owner and I know very happy customers. AFter a one-time setup fee, the flat monthly rate is under $200.

Don't be intimidated to think that any poor entrepreneur can't do this. I'm just a dumb sales guy but I can bang out quick websites like no one's business. Once you get rich then hire someone to take care of it for you (but for less money since you know how to do it yourself!)

So now get busy and put our a decent looking website that helps you generate prospects and close more business!

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